eClinic Clinic Management System

eClinic is a web-based clinic management System that helps to manage and monitor your clinic(s) over the day using any available device.

Find your schedule

Work across boundaries. Access eClinic to know your daily appointments and be in contact with your clinic(s).


Single system can be accessed using any device anywhere.
Different roles (Nurse(s), Doctor(s), Pharmacist and Admin(s)).
Doctors can manage multiple clinics.
Can handle single or multiple doctors.
More than 10,000 predefined classifications / drugs and prescription advisories.
Can integrate with one or more pharmacy (Internal or external).
No installation required.
Easy to customize and can be extended.


Patient records.
Schedule appointments.
Manage waiting queue.
Print prescription / Patient card / Medical certificates.
Save consultation template.
Make a Payment.
Attach files.
Statistics (Dashboard).
System administration.

Live trial

Try the system functions for free.

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Or contact us on to get the following trial accounts.
Nurse account to access the nurse functions.
Doctor(s) account(s) to access the doctor functions.
Administrator account to access the administrator functions.